Happy 2012 to all our readers and to all of those who have supported Electric sekki in its growth into the wonderful, courageous company that it has become today.  Each year, it is tradition to come up with a list of resolutions; a set of goals you aim to achieve in the coming months.  Personally, I don't like to set specific goals such as "Quit drinking" or "Go to Paris", because all too often you end up letting yourself down!  Instead, I set broader goals that will guide me in terms of how I live my day-to-day life.  So, to all  of you that are coming up with resolutions for 2012, think about setting broader goals that will contribute to you living a happier, fuller life, instead of specific goals that may not mean that much in the long-run or may not even be that achievable.

All resolutions were generated using this New Year's Resolution generator.

Calvin & Hobbes, they've got the right idea.


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