glamour at the grammy's

Oh, the glamour! When it comes to red carpets, the Grammy Awards are definitely our favourite.  After all, the Grammys are what brought us J. Lo in that infamously sexy low-cut green Versace dress and Toni Braxton in that side-less white concoction (we can't even call it a 'dress').  It's the red carpet where celebrities actually take risks and have a bit of fun.  Although there were no huge headline-making risks this year, we still preferred these to the recent ultra-safe Golden Globes red carpet.  Again, we're not one for best- and worst-dressed lists, but here are some of the looks we personally loved below.

Rosie & Sophia Grace in their trademark tutu's.  Still not over them.  So gorgeous!  And their holding hands.  Talk about making your heart melt!  In case you don't konw who these little darlings her, click here to change your life.

Kimbra in Jamie Lee.  Ethereal and fantastical, she looked like a fairy that lives in a misty lake.

Beyonce in Osman Yousefzada.  Yep, Bey-Bey wore pants.  Love that she had the guts to do that.  Plus, she wasn't nominated, so respect for her not trying to show anyone up.

Alicia Keys in Alaia.  Um, crocodile cut-out perfection!

Alexa Chung in Valentino.  We have to admit, we kind of love Alexa in super-duper girly outfits.

Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra.  Bam!  Now, that's a dress.  And a killer bod.

Karlie Koss in Michael Kors.  Her love affair with the designer continues.  Karlie's first time at the Grammys, on MTV hosting duty for her new show, House of Style.  Supermodel to the max!

Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello, a match made in heaven!

Rihanna in custom Alaia.  She is seriously STUNNING in red.

Janelle Monae wearing Against NatureMoschino and Ralph Lauren.  Definitely a risk that she pulled off so, so well.


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