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In celebration of Valentine's Day this year, Electric sekki hosted a very special Valentine's Style Jam session with Fashion Hedonism's Christing Chang and Hungry Hong Kong's Daniel Haddad.  We got them to style one another and then asked them the truth about how they feel about each others' fashion and style.

Tell us how you met.
I went to an all-girl's school and Dan went to an all-boy's school; our best friends started dating and we met through them.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
We're thinking maybe a beach barbecue or something at sunset with flowers and candles.  We go out to eat so often because of Dan's blog, so it's nice to do something that will be just us alone.

Christing wears a One Teaspoon jacket, sass & bide tee, One Teaspoon shorts and a House of Holland clutch.

Dan, what was Christing's style like when you first met her?
Dan: It was pretty similar.  Bohemian.  Probably even more bohemian.  And she wore a lot of pink!
Christing: Yeah, I was more girly back then.  I really liked that Sienna Miller boho thing that was going on then, and I was living in Notting Hill; I wore lots of maxi skirts and big belts when we first met.

Do you think Christing's style has been influenced by you at all, Dan?
Dan: No, definitely not!
Christing:  No, you like me to wear tight dresses!
Dan: Oh yeah!  There was a stage when there were loads of body-con dreses.
Christing: Yeah, there was that period when Herve Leger was really popular.
Dan: Yeah!
Christing: Dan loves Herve Leger.  That's his thing.
Dan: When we used to go shopping, I used to pick out the tightest dresses for Christing!
Christing: I like to wear really loose tops and separates, but he likes really tight dresses.
Dan: But I like it when she dresses casually, too.
Christing: He likes things that are tight around my waist.  I tend to dress really baggy up top and things aren't that tight around my waist, so he'll tell me to belt it in.

Why did you style Christing the way you did today, Dan?
I could just instantly tell!  

Dan wears a ksubi tee, jeans, jacket and sunglasses.

Christing, describe Dan's style when you first met him.
He wore a lot of shirts, a lot of printed shirts and baggy jeans--sagged down baggy jeans with sneakers.  But not in a hipster way whatsoever; in a very literal way!  It didn't really have any fashion voice to it at all.

What do you like to see Dan in the most?
I don't really like to see him super dressed up.  I'm not a girl who likes a guy in suits and a tie anyway.  I like it when he wears combat boots instead of sneakers and a skinny pair of jeans.  Maybe a jacket with it.  Also accessories.  He doesn't really make that much of an effort, he takes five minutes to get dressed usually, but I like it if he wears a scarf or a beanie or accessorise a little bit more to add some style to the outfit.

Do you think that you have influenced Dan's style over the years?
Basically, I decided to change it!  No, not really; I knew he liked to wear sneaks, jeans and shirts, so I basically just took the whole East London look and put that into his style.  Instead of just the most random sneaker, I said, "You should wear Nike Dunks," because comfort is really important to him, but it's still really stylish.  I got his jeans slightly skinnier and more stylish printed tees and plaid shirts instead of his normal weird printed shirts with loads of really weird writing.  He's from Brighton, so it was just a little but, you know, chavvy

Why did you style Dan the way you did today, Christing?
I really like the skinny jeans and I like the army green colour.  Dan likes printed tees so the ksubi suits him really well.

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