valentine's special: francis & eve

Eve Smith and Francis L. Ricafort II are quite possibly the coolest couple.  Ever.  They are also the nicest.  As a sought-after model and jet-setting DJ (DJ Eve Speciall), Eve literally gets to travel the world for fashion and music; as the PR Manager of Buzz Concepts, which operates the greatest restaurant and club venues in town, Francis' job mostly requires him to show people a good time and make sure you keep coming back.  Sounds pretty sweet, huh?  Well, as a couple, their lives are doubly-awesome.  Find out what Francis and Eve are doing this Valentine's Day and what they really think about one another's fashion and style choices below.

Tell us how you met.
Eve: We met on my first night out in Hong Kong. My friend Caitlin took me around Lan Kwai Fong and we ended up at FLY (one of Francis' venues) and that's where I met Francis. Caitlin told him a big lie: that I was an awesome DJ (she hadn't even heard me play) and the rest is history (editor's note: not a lie, Eve is an awesome DJ)!
Francis: We met through common friend at FLY.  As I walked in sporting my power suit felling like the BOSS, Eve's friend quickly presented Eve to me and told me that she was DJ.  Eve and I got to talking about her playing at FLY and the rest is history.  Then I found out later from Eve that that night we met, Eve thought to herself, "What douche bag parties in a suit?"

What was Francis' style like when you met him and how has it changed over the years?
Eve: Francis has really become much more interested in men's fashion; he's paying attention to current trends and he's trying more adventurous prints.  I have introduced some porkpie fedoras and Vans into his wardrobe.

Eve, do you think that you've influenced Francis' style at all?
Eve: I've relaxed his street wear; less suits, more swag!
Francis: Like I said before, Eve thought I was a douche partying in a suit, so I've become a lot more casual but still stylish, because Eve is my official stylist now!  She does most of the shopping for me. 

If you could style Francis in anything you want, what would you have him wear?
Eve: It's not appropriate for this blog ;) 

Francis, do you think that you've influenced Eve's style at all?
Francis: Not sure I ever had any influence over her style, and it hasn't changed.  Eve can rock anything!

If you could style Eve in anything you want, what would you have her wear?
Francis: I like seeing her in tight fitting, hot dresses.  I like it when she's dressed to go to some fancy event. What a hot mama cita!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
Francis: Skype date.  She will be in LA and I will be in HK.
Eve: I'll be in LA DJ-ing at the opening of Topshop in The Grove.  It would be the perfect treat if Francis could be with me, but I'm sure we'll Skype sometime during the day.

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