valentine's special: boris & priscilla

With their finger on the pulse in both the fashion and media industries in Asia, Priscilla I'Anson and Boris Burgess have worked with Electric sekki on countless projects, from our Les Artistes series, to our exclusive coverage of London Show Rooms 2011 and 2012, to interviewing top designers such as Richard Nicoll and House of Holland's Henry Holland.  As a freelance fashion stylist and digital consultant, it's crucial for Priscilla to stay on top of all that's going on in the fashion world; as the founder of both Mediam Rare and, Boris' eye for media production is unique and captivating.  Together, they make up a multimedia powerhouse.  Find out what they think of one another's style and what they're doing for Valentine's Day below.

Priscilla & Boris.

How did you meet?
Boris: We met in the first year, in the first semester of university in a Film Studies class.  She was giving a presentation on a director...
Priscilla: Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
Boris: ... and at the end of her presentation, she asked if anybody wanted to borrow the DVD's and I raised my hand.
Priscilla: Then, at a university party a couple of weeks later, Boris was behind me in the line to get drinks and he poked me.  Yes, poked me!  He said something like, "Hey, I still have your DVD's," and I invited him to have a drink with me and my friends.  The rest is history, that was almost six years ago.
Boris: I never watched the DVD's!

Boris, what was Priscilla's style like when you first met her and how has it changed over the years?
Boris: I'd say her style back then was elegant, but that of a younger woman and a little bit preppy.  Now she's become more confident with the way that she dresses, with more of a focus on prints and colour.

Do you think that you have influenced Priscilla's style at all?
Boris: Unfortunately, not really!

Priscilla, what was Boris' style like when you first met him and how has it changed over the years?
Priscilla: He had great pieces, but overall I think they just didn't fit him perfectly.  Boris has great innate style, and that was very important for me.  He also has a long history with crazy hairstyles (most of which I wasn't such a huge fan of), but I like the one he's settled on now!  Nowadays, he's found pieces that work best for his shape; fitted blazers, shirts, slim leg jeans, nice leather brogues.

Do you think that you have influenced Boris' style at all?
Priscilla: Subtly, yes.  Overall, I just helped him find pieces that fit him better.  Since Boris is so tall and has a strong build, it's important for him to have clothes that fit him well, to give him an overall slimmer, more put-together look.  I'd say I just helped him find things that suited his frame better and also introduced him to things like pocket squares and ties.

If you could style Priscilla in anything, what would you have her wear?
Boris: High heels, tight blue denim jeans, a white tank top and big hoop earrings.
Priscilla: Basically, dress as a female R&B singer from the early 00's!

If you could style Boris in anything, what would you have him wear?
Priscilla: A male R&B singer from the early 00's, so that we would match.  That would be incredible!  But, no, really I like him in everything he wears.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
Boris: Spend a nice, romantic dinner with my love at a new restaurant.
Priscilla: Spend as much time with my love as possible!

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