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When Joyrich's David Melgar came to Hong Kong to support Harvey Nichols with their Pop-Up event earlier this month, he drew out an incredibly cool and stylish crew of people who had very personal and unique style.  We knew then that we just had to get an interview with David to get some insight into the Joyrich brand and his approach to design.  David's love of fashion and creativity is infectious; he speaks with such passion and animation about his work.  It's no wonder his designs for Joyrich are filled with the same passion, fun and creativity as the man himself!

Joyrich's David Melgar.

Welcome to Hong Kong, how do you like it so far?  Can you tell us a little bit about your limited T-shirt design for Harvey Nichols?
I LOVE HONG KONG! I have great friends here and am so inspired by this city, it's truly one of my favorite places to be! Our limited shirt design with Harvey Nichols was one of our most popular graphics/prints made custom for our family at Harvey Nichols.  It has a cute little twist to it!

Tell us a little bit more about Joyrich and its aesthetic.
Joyrich is a mix of high-end aesthetics and casual Los Angeles vibes, combined with vintage tastes and styles from the 80's and 90's! Overall, it's just fun!

How did the Joyrich name come about? What does it mean?
There's no real specific meaning behind Joyrich but to be joyrful and rich in anything and everything that you do. It doesn't necessarily mean rich finically but rich in life and love, and to always enjoy every moment of life. 

How did you get into designing for Joyrich? What is your favorite piece this season?
I met the owner of the brand after leaving an internship with a designer and we hit it off. Our vibe, style and direction was very similar and it happened to be a great connection! I don't really have a special piece every season; each piece is like a baby to me so that would be like asking me to pick my favorite child!  I can't do it!

Where do you draw your inspiration from and tell us a little but about your own personal style?
LIFE! i'm really inspired by my surroundings, music, people, experiences, travel and love even. I don't look to one specific thing for inspiration! My own style is just comfortable and casual, with a high-end twist.

A lot of celebrities shop at Joyrich; are any of them your muse? Who do you wish to see wearing Joyrich in the future?
We are VERY honored to have the support from many celebrities from around the world and to see any of them wearing what I design is such a compliment and a iconic moment for me. I don't desire to see anyone specific in Joyrich; just anyone wanting to express themselves through our art is important and such a compliment to us!

We heard there was recently a collection that you did with Disney, please let us know how that came about!
Growing up I was a HUGE Disney fanatic. Any chance I got, I went to Disneyland! I grew up with Mickey Mouse! So when the chance came to collaborate with Disney, it was such a fun experience. We wanted to clash vintage styles with a modern taste and it came out looking amazing! I am very proud of that project!  

Congratulations on the 3-year anniversary of your Harajuku store; do you come by Asia a lot? 
THANK YOU! Yes, Asia is my second home! I spend about a quarter of my year here in Asia and it's a great place! I'm mainly in Tokyo, but I have been all over Asia.

Fashion advice for our readers?
No matter what, always be yourself! Express yourself how you'd like and don't let other peoples' ideas of what you 'should' look like influence who you are.


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