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After working in PR for several years in Los Angeles and Barcelona, Charlotte Giver launched Your Coffee Break, an online lifestyle magazine for career women focusing on articles relating to fashion, beauty, career management, travel, lifestyle and celebrity news.  Charlotte's concept for Your Coffee Break was, as the name suggests, an all-encompassing one-stop site from which to get inspiring international content during, you guessed it, your coffee break.  With her flame red hair and penchant for 60's fashion, Charlotte is not only an astute business woman, but also striking and stylish professional.  Electric sekki recently spoke to Charlotte about how she came up with the idea to launch Your Coffee Break, tips for starting your own fashion business, her personal style and her top trends for Spring/Summer 2013.

Where did the idea/inspiration come from, and how did you start Your Coffee Break? 
I have always been a go-getter and coffee addict and dreamt of helping career women.  After I came back to the UK from working in entertainment and fashion PR in Los Angeles, I had built up a large network of bloggers, PR's, editors and industry professionals. I suddenly had so many talented women in my network and I wanted to create a hub where they could share their knowledge and experience in each of their specific industries with Your Coffee Break's readers. Obviously, many of my contacts had big careers and little time to spare writing up content for Your Coffee Break, so I decided to hire talented writers in key cities across the globe, and when I started to receive hundreds of applicants to write for Your Coffee Break, I decided to launch a magazine.

What career advice would you give to young fashionistas out there who want to start their own fashion company? 
Get experience! Intern for fashion PR firms or fashion magazines in order to build up your network of contacts. Contacts really are everything. Once you are familiar with the top bloggers, PRs, editors and designers, you can start your own company!

Tell us a little bit about your personal style and what your must-haves are in your closet.
My style is clean and sophisticated; dresses, high-waisted skirts, collars, hair bands and long-sleeve shirts.  I love the 60's and 60's-inspired clothing, like the pieces Betty Draper wears in Mad Men.  For my closet must-haves, I'd say; Louboutins, a sophisticated blazer, dresses for different occasions (I love 60's inspired dresses) a staple shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

What trends do you foresee for Spring/Summer 213?

The 90's are back!  Also, lots of black-and-white stripes and masculine cuts! The academic vibe is back with jumper dresses and oversized coats.

Do you have any fashion or style advice you can share?
Look to the models. I think Cara Delevingne is the current 'it'-girl and style icon of the season.

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