rugby 7's survival guide

Hong Kong's infamous Rugby 7's weekend starts today and continues through Sunday.  Rugby 7's weekend has become somewhat of an institution in Hong Kong.  You have to go at least once for the experience.  If you're headed there this weekend, then we've put together a little survival guide for you...

What to Wear
Anyone who's ever been to the Rugby 7's can tell you that you've simply got to show up in costume.  The crazier the better.  Get creative, people!  If you don't have the time or energy to make one yourself (ahem, cop out!) then head to Pottinger Street to find a ready-made one for you and your gang.  If you're not into costumes then, please, at least buy a wig!  If you arrive in anything else and expect to spend your weekend in South Stand, you will stick out like a sore thumb.  And not in a good way.

What to Bring
1. Sunscreen.  Even though the weather's predicted to be terrible this weekend, we'd suggest bringing sunscreen because you will be sitting out in the sun all day, probably drinking, and you will get burnt.
2. Emergency Sewing Kit.  Many a costume malfunction over the years has taught us all this!
3. Friends.  The 7's aren't fun without them.

What to Leave at Home
1. Your credit cards and large amounts of cash.  Chances are, you will loose everything you have on you at the 7's.  Minimise your risk, people!
2. Your honor.  Things will happen that you will regret.  Deal with it.

1. Wear closed-toe shoes.  This is key!  The floor at the 7's venue is notoriously disgusting and wearing open-toed shoes will mean that your feet will be swimming in that disgustingness all weekend.  Be smart, people!  We think a pair of Superga's are the perfect choice: closed-toe, flat for comfort and with a rubber non-slip sole.  Perfection.
2. Hydrate.  With water.  Especially if you're drinking alcohol.  You can thank us later when you're not nursing a week-long post-7's hangover.  
3. Make friends with someone in a corporate box.  That way you can use their private bathrooms instead of the utterly rank public ones.
4. If you want to go to the South Stand, get there early!  Otherwise you'll spend half your day lining up in a queue to get in.  Not fun.
5. If you see your boss, avoid them at all costs.  Why?  Because either you or they are bound to be/get drunk at some point and things will get awkward from there.  Trust.
6. Try to watch the rugby.  It is the Rugby 7's, after all!


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