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Superga opened their first store in Hong Kong on Saturday in Harbour City to a great crowd of excited shoppers.  In celebration of the opening, Superga launched a special social media campaign, S Is For... As the name suggests, it's all about things that start with the letter 'S'.  Drawing inspiration from Superga's own 'S' logo, they are encouraging everyone to take photos of things that begin with 'S' and upload them onto their various social media outlets for the chance to win a year's supply of Superga sneakers!  Talk aboutsuper!  Here are the nitty gritty details to get you started:

1. Take a photo of something beginning with 'S'
2. Upload it onto all of your social media accounts with the caption "S is for..." and the following tags and hashtags:
Instagram: tag @SupergaHK and hastag #SupergaHK #SIsFor
Twitter: hashtag #SupergaHK #SIsFor
Weibo: tag @SupergaHK and hashtag #SupergaHK# #SisFor#
3. Upload it onto the official Superga (Hong Kong) Facebook page wall and share it with all of your friends!
4. Superga's pannel of judges will select 5 winners in May 2013, all winning artwork will be on display at the Superga Harbour City store.

Still need some inspiration to get you started?  Here are some of our favourite 'S'ubmissions so far!
S is for... stormy weather (photo submitted by @hkfashiongeek).

S is for... superhero (photo submitted by @wunderlotte).

S is for... skyscrapers (photo submitted by @oddinary).

S is for... simple (photo by @combesy).

S is for... shoreline (photo by @nickdearman).

S is for... sunrise (photo by @win_dnike)

S is for... sushi (photo by @vnikali).

S is for... sweeping out saddness (photo by @ezzentrictwee).

S is for... sumo (photo by @_sumodog).

S is for... sweet (photo by @michellechellechelle)

S is for... sunset (photo by @faye_tsui).

S is for... Superga store now open at Harbour City! (photo by @aliboba)

The Superga store is located at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.


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