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After the success of last year's All I Want For Christmas series on the Electric sekki blog, we are kicking things off again this year with a very special lady.  With a new show on TLC, Beach Life with Angela Kan, which premiered earlier this week on Monday at 9pm (and continues to air on the channel at the same time each week), Angela Kan is the current talk of the town.  This bubbly, gracious and beautiful girl deserves all the success she is currently enjoying with the show, in which she explores the 'Beach Life' in a variety of different beachside paradises each week.  Sounds like the perfect job, doesn't it?  Well, the show couldn't have chosen a more perfect host.  Angela's upbeat personality and humble generosity is contagious; spend one minute with this girl and she is bound to put a smile on your face.  So when we started putting together a list of the people we wanted to talk to this year about their holiday plans and traditions, Angela was at the very top of our list!  She's such a great girl that we're sure this quick little interview simply isn't enough for Angela Kan for you, so make sure to check out her show on TLC, Monday nights at 9pm!

Best gift you've ever given? 
Fly-boarding lessons.  Hands down best gift ever!  Check out

Best gift you've ever received? 
Surprise rooftop serenade backed by Hong Kong's own Noughts and Exes (a band I LOVE!) with the chorus sung by everyone present. It was a perfect Love Actually kind of moment.

Worst gift you've ever given? 
I tried to 'regift' last Christmas, 'twas a big #fail on my part!  Regift with caution: remember, the gift has to be personal, even (and especially) if it's a hand-me-down!

Worst gift you've ever received? 
None, all gifts feel special on some level. 

Dream holiday destination? 
Hidden Beach, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

All I want for Christmas this year is... 

Favorite holiday dish? 
Does candy count?  Will Ferrell as "Elf" says YES!  In that case, the gingerbread house. Fun noms!

Favorite holiday drink?
Mulled wine from a weihnachtsmärkte!

What's topping your wish list this Christmas? 
I want a Christmas filled with presence; just want to be with friends and family that I love.

Holiday shopping strategy? 
"5 Hands" works for me: 
1. Handmade 
2. Hand-me-down 
3. Second-hand 
4. Helping hand (community or service work) 
5. Hand-in-hand (spending time together)

Favorite Christmas carol? 
I adore nativity songs! O Holy Night is a fave.

What will you be wearing this Christmas? 
Anything warm and fuzzy, with UNIQLO 'Heat Tech' underneath.

Watch Beach Life with Angela Kan on TLC, Monday nights at 9pm!

FollowAngela Kan on Instagram at @angelakantravel.


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