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We've said it before and we'll happily say it again: Zoe Suen of Fashiononymous is definitely the best dressed teenager we know.  This girl's got style.  Not in that, "Look at me and all the labels I'm wearing" kind of way, anyone can do that; instead, Zoe oozes unique personal style and class.  I know, it's pretty impossible to accomplish as a teen, but Zoe has.  So it would be easy to hate on her, but she's also one of the sweetest, loveliest girls we know so it's actually impossible to do anything but love her to bits!  Her blog, Fashiononymous, is immensely popular and we see big, bright things for this young star.  Oh yeah, did we mention that she's still in high school?  Yeah.  Get to know Zoe better in our All I Want for Christmas interview below.  We promise you'll be absolutely smitten by the end of it!

Fashiononymous' Zoe Suen.

Best gift you've ever given? 
Once, I chipped in with my sister to get my mum a set of Chanel makeup brushes--we felt so 'grown-up' and it was great to treat our mum for all of her work and love! 

Best gift you've ever received? 
My dog, 6 years ago. 

Worst gift you've ever given? 
When I was around 5, I gave my parents lots of coupons for hugs and chores...felt pretty creative until I realized everyone did that! [Editor's Note: We still think it's pretty cute and, yes, we've done that too...]

Worst gift you've ever received? 
An expired gift card--but it's the thought that counts?

Dream holiday destination? 

Favorite holiday dish?
I still love those twisted marshmallows that come in plastic giant candy canes, I buy them every year!

Favorite holiday drink?
Hazelnut lattes or breakfast tea.

Favorite Christmas carol? 
It's not a carol, but I think it's physically impossible to not be happy while listening to 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. 

All I want for Christmas this year is... 
To get into a university I like....Eep! 

What's topping your wish list this Christmas?
Shoes! And new headphones.

Holiday shopping strategy?
Being super lazy, I usually just list everything out and group items into a few stores to minimize travel. 

What will you be wearing this Christmas? 
Matching Christmas sweaters with my sister and lots of wooly socks!

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