all i want for christmas: kelly wong

As a Senior Buyer for Lane Crawford, Kelly Wong travels the world scouring the shows for the best womenswear pieces to be stocked in-store.  Kelly herself is always decked out in the best pieces of the season and she regularly documents her outfits through her Instagram account, @blackjelly.  Her colleague, @caseycaseycase, takes most of her pictures and the duo has managed to create an impressive archive of lookbook-esque photos documenting Kelly's wardrobe.  With her long legs, svelte frame and killer style, it would be easy to mistake Kelly for a model so, of course, her photos are all gorgeous.  She also has a natural penchant for black and is rarely seen wearing anything other than it (though we think that she has recently begun wearing more colour, which we love to see on her, too).  She may not have a blog, but if you ever need an idea for what to wear in the mornings, a quick glance at Kelly's Instagram feed and you should feel inspired.

Kelly Wong, @blackjelly.

Best gift you've ever given? 
Christmas cards that I make myself. I always feel cards mean so much more than gifts, as you can keep them and after a few years when you read them it still always puts a smile on someone's face (it does for me anyways).

Best gift you've ever received? 
A Christmas card made by @caseycaseycase; he cut out images and made me a DIY pop-up Christmas card for me. It was the sweetest, coolest thing ever.

Worst gift you've ever given? 
Something that I just bought for the sake of giving a gift... A pair of socks? For Secret Santa. No thought put into it; an insincere gift basically.

Worst gift you've ever received? 
Secret Santa gifts, because I know the other person was probably also insincere and only getting it for the sake of Secret Santa...

Dream holiday destination? 
Maldives. I love the sun and I love the water. I grew up playing a lot of water sports, so by the water and in the sun is where I feel the happiest and the calmest.  The Maldives has always looked so amazing in photos; the clear crystal aqua blue water. I went when I was 3 with my parents, not that I remember any of it...

Favorite Christmas carol? 
All I Want For Christmas Is You. 

Favorite holiday drink? 
Dunkin' Donuts Hot Chocolate.

Favorite holiday dish? 
Honey roasted bone ham! And marshmallow baked yam! Yum!

All I want for Christmas this year is...
It's a person, but I'd have to kill you if I told you. 

What's topping your wish list this Christmas? 
A black Saint Laurent Sac du Jour bag. Because I'm not there yet for a black classic Birkin!

Holiday shopping strategy? 
Only get something for someone if it's right, and not for the sake of just getting something.

What will you be wearing this Christmas?
What else would @blackjelly wear? All black, of course! Just like they say! I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.

Follow Kelly Wong on Instagram at @blackjelly.


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