all i want for christmas: best friends edition

What would you expect from two best friends' Christmas traditions?  Two similar approaches or something wildly different?  In the case of Hong Kong it-girl Olivia Buckingham and Hong Kong Tatler's Arne Eggers, their traditions are incredibly alike.  As one of Hong Kong's top in-the-know fashion experts, Olivia's lifestyle is one that is filled with beauty and luxury, while Arne's position at Tatler allows him access to the biggest names in both luxury fashion and high society.  Their Christmas traditions are, perhaps, what you would expect from such a glamourous duo: traditional Christmas feasts accompanied by Hot Toddies, luxe gifts and holidays in exotic locations.  Find out what these two besties want for Christmas below!

Olivia Buckingham

Best gift you've ever received? 
The Cartier Santos Octagon from my mother when I was 18, they don't make this particular watch anymore so it is even more special to me. And the Limited Edition Barbie Book by Assouline given to me by Joyce's Helen Ma. 

Best gift you've ever given? 
Flamingo and Palm Tree Sunglasses to sass & bide's Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton.

Favorite holiday drink? 
Hot Toddy all the way… Sevva and The Captain's Bar at The Mandarin Oriental are neck-and-neck on taste and presentation.

Favorite holiday dish? 
Roast turkey, roast potatoes, parsnips, gravy, bread sauce – the full works! But no Brussel sprouts! 

Favorite Christmas carol? 
O Holy Night – preferably sung by a choir and not by me! Loved it in Home Alone and still Love it now! 

Dream holiday destination?
Croatia – sailing around the beautiful islands with my friends would be idyllic!

All I want for Christmas this year is… 
The full set of Globetrotter Luggage.  Oh, and perhaps a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk! 

What's topping your wish list this Christmas? 
Anya Hindmarch's Marano Dancer in Gold Glitter and The Rubix Cube Ring by Hattie Rickards.

Holiday shopping strategy? 
Lists, lists and more lists! 

What will you be wearing this Christmas (perhaps that amazing white sass & bide blazer with sequined shoulders you recently saw at our showroom)?
ABSOLUTELY! In fact, the full look as seen on S/S '13 catwalk!

Arne Eggers

Best gift you've ever given? 
I think the best gifts are usually those that don't cost much, but that are thoughtful and personal. Having said that, my mother seemed quite pleased with the Lady Dior bag I gave her a couple of years ago... 

Worst gift you've ever given? 
Let's not even go there! 

Dream holiday destination?
I'm spending Christmas with my family at home in Hamburg and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


Favorite holiday dish? 
It has become a tradition for my friends Olivia Buckingham, Feiping Chang and me to prepare a full-on Christmas dinner together (Olivia, really, is doing all the cooking, but I give lots of mental support). Stuffed turkey, parsnips, roasted potatoes and the whole shebang; too yummy! 

Favorite holiday drink? 
Hot toddy! Whiskey, lemon, honey and boiled water blended together into hot deliciousness.

Favorite Christmas carol? 
All I Want For Christmas - as sung by the little girl in Love Actually (my favourite-ever Christmas movie)! 

Holiday shopping strategy? 
Wait until the last minute and make panicked, ill-advised decisions for all your gifts.

What's topping your wish list this Christmas? 
The one-off Belstaff coat Benedict Cumberbatch is wearing in Sherlock Holmes.

What will you be wearing this Christmas? 
A dark green knitted Lanvin bow-tie, a grey Harris tweed jacket and my brand new grey suede leopard print slippers from Jimmy Choo!


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