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Davena Mok has got to be one of the coolest chicks in town.  As Director of A-Vibe, a street-level PR agency who has worked with incredibly cool brand such as VANS, A Bathing Ape, Zadig & Voltaire, Nike and so many more, Davena is now a mother of two of the cutest little babies we've ever seen on our Facebook feeds and Christmas is starting to take on a whole new meaning in her house!  Davena always rocks up to the party dressed in the coolest clothes and with a huge smile on her face; this is one lady we always look forward to seeing at events around town.  Find out what Davena wants this Christmas in the second installment of our All I Want for Christmas series below!

A-Vibe's Director, Davena Mok.  Photo by Bird Tse at Rainbow Rangers.

Best gift you've ever given?
Going back to Perth, Australia for Christmas 2011 to be with my parents and family. I was 5 months’ pregnant with our second child and spent Christmas on a farm (!) with my husband, 1-year-old daughter, parents, younger brother and his then-fiance’s family.

Best gift you've ever received? 
To be honest, ANYTHING from my husband as he’s really sentimental and always thinks really hard when it comes to amazing gifts for me. From unique Iosseliani rings to vintage Marvel Comics glass tumblers to H&M x Versace gear off e-Bay, Lance really tracks down golden nuggets that surprise me each and every time (Electric sekki note: husbands and boyfriends, are you hearing this?  Making a real effort is what counts!)

Worst gift you've ever given? 
It would have to be one of my lame re-gifts that you come up with last-minute for those Secret Santa games. You know, like a wool-knit USB fingerless glove set. Yes, WTF?

Worst gift you've ever received? 
A no-value gift from a Secret Santa game. I can recall getting an ugly gardening calendar that was obviously a freebie from a Shell petrol station. Totally WTF.

Dream holiday destination?
I’d love to do a luxe-safari trip with my husband and two kids one day where you go camping, but not really...

Favorite holiday drink?

Favorite holiday dish?
Roast turkey dinner!

Favorite Christmas carol?
Jingle Bells, because it’s so easy to sing and jingle-jangle with the kids.

All I want for Christmas this year is...
A huge warm hug with my husband and two kids, as it’ll be our first Christmas together as a family of four.
What's topping your wish list this Christmas?
This sounds weird, but nothing, really! I think I have too much stuff at the moment. So, if anything, I wish I could have time to clear out my wardrobe as it’s jam-packed full of too many clothes right now, and I need to do some serious clearing out and donating! And then probably I’ll think of new stuff I’ll want to buy!

Holiday shopping strategy? 
(1) Make a gift list NOW.
(2) Aim to be special, so think of gifts that are unique and/or have meaning.
(3) Try not to buy last-minute as you’re guaranteed to overspend or buy something desperate since you’re out of time!

What will you be wearing this Christmas?
Definitely layers and big jackets. I hate cold weather!


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