all i want for christmas: blogger edition

We here at Electric sekki have had the pleasure of working with some of the best bloggers in the business over the past couple of years.  In our special Bloggers Edition of our All I Want for Christmas feature, we talk to The Wanderlister, Tina Loves and SUPERWOWOMG.  We chose these three because they are each so different from one another.  As a designer and architect by day and a style blogger by night, JJ is our go-to guru for all the best style and design tips in Asia.  As a stylist and fashion blogger, Tina got VIP access to all the hot-ticket fashion events in the city.  Finally, with her flair for graphic design, her warm prose style and her cool-girl-next-door demeanor, Denise knows all there is to know about what's cool and happening on the streets.  Find out what these three taste-makers want for Christmas this year!  

Best gift you've ever given?
I gave a drugstore necklace of the Madonna and Child to my mother when I was 8. She never wears it because she’s too fancy but still keeps it to this day in her jewellery box.

Best gift you've ever received?
I receive a lot of great gifts, but last year my sister gave me a roundtrip ticket to hang out with the family on the other side of the world for a day. That’s fancy, too!

Worst gift you've ever received?
A full shaving kit from The Body Shop. I was a 12 year old Asian boy. There was really no need for it!

Favorite holiday dish and drink? 
I love honey glazed ham and a Hot Toddy!

All I want for Christmas this year is...
To be with my family, but they’re so far away.

What's topping your wish list this Christmas?
A nice camera for my blog. I think I’ve earned myself an upgrade from my S95.

What will you be wearing this Christmas?
My cashmere pullover from Club Monaco x Lane Crawford and my Fjallraven Urban outdoor jacket. I'm going for warm and casual this season.
Holiday shopping strategy?
Start shopping at the beginning of the month or after Thanksgiving and to avoid anything last minute.

Best gift you've ever received?
This wasn't for Christmas, but for one of my birthdays, one of my sisters flew in from New York to surprise me just for my birthday. Was so happy I burst into tears!

Worst gift you've ever given?
I designed a whole outfit, from choosing the fabric to the cut and style, for an ex-boyfriend once. It was the worst outfit ever and looked like what a gigolo in Miami Vice would wear.

Worst gift you've ever received?
Maybe a printer? But I have to say, I've used that printer a hell of a lot since I got it! 

Favorite holiday drink?
A Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks.

All I want for Christmas this year is
A good assistant!

What's topping your wish list this Christmas?
Couture McQueen or Givenchy anything!

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012.

Best gift you've ever received?
Definitely this year's Celine Trapeze bag, thanks to my boyfriend!

Worst gift you've ever received?
When we were about 9 years old, my brother gave me and my sister an HKD$100 bill packed in a huge giant cardboard box.

Worst gift you've ever given?
A few years ago, me and my sister bought my mom a...robot USB flash drive. It was a pretty weak present (considering it was only 1GB, too) but she loved it anyway!

Dream holiday destination?
Probably Korea, since I've never been and I'm definitely not one to escape the cold; I welcome it with the big wide open arms! My bestfriend goes to Korea every year for Christmas and I've been dying to go with her for the longest time!

Favorite Christmas carol?
Random, but it's gotta be Jimmy Eat World's Last Christmas.  That counts, right?

Favorite holiday dish?
My family does it more Chinese style at home and for our big Christmas dinner we usually have a mega hot pot feast. Instead of a regular sized pot for the cooking, we use a huge wok. 10 mouths (family + significant others) are a lot to feed!

Favorite holiday drink?
Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows! Although I don't really wait for Christmas to drink this, it's an all-year kind of drink for me!

Holiday shopping strategy?
Shop early and shop quickly! Always brainstorm before you head out so you're not blindly shopping!

What will you be wearing this Christmas?
I've been waiting forever for it to get colder so I can finally wear my Just Cavalli black plain wool cape with a leather collar. Under that will be a COS wooly sweater, black skinny jeans and on my feet will be my new Cole Haan LunarGrands (sockless, of course, as Hong Kong is never that cold)!


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