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As an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed "Fashion Friend", you can always count on Charlotte Chen to look absolutely stunning every time you see her.  This is a girl whom we've never seen having "an off day" or on a day where she "just feels like dressing like a bum".  No, Charlotte always pulls out all the stops, no matter what the occasion or the weather!  But Charlotte is absolutely a practical dresser; she has a very specific reason behind each item she chooses to wear each day.  Though it may not necessarily look like it, Charlotte is an incredibly functional dresser.  And she's not a label whore.  Nor is she a snob when it comes to "in season" pieces.  She is every bit the "Fashion Friend" she says she is.  She's also fascinated by the digital world, which is one of the reasons why she started her blog, Wunderlotte, which documents her fabulous lifestyle--a must read!

Best gift you've ever given?
A 2-day Formula Renault driving experience at the Zhuhai International Circuit and a fixed-wing plane introductory flight experience from the Hong Kong Aviation Club. Both for my boyfriend. 

Best gift you've ever received?
It's a gift that keeps on giving - scuba diving license completed in Cebu and Koh Samui (Sail Rock). I have a fascination of underwater life and the best dive I've ever had after completing the license was at Manta Rock in Bali where I saw 3 gigantic manta rays drifting majestically above me as I lay low at the bottom of the water. 

Worst gift you've ever given?
I've re-gifted a bottle of perfume once and still remain incredibly embarrassed and remorseful. Never again. 

Worst gift you've ever received?
A re-gifted bottle of perfume. What comes around, goes around! 

Favorite holiday dish?
Candied pumpkin, stuffing (and not really the Turkey) and all sorts of ridiculously fattening desserts I feel justified to indulge in because "It's Christmas".

Favorite holiday drink?
Mulled wine (especially my home-made concoction with a particular strong helping of alcohol and cinnamon).

All I want for Christmas this year is...
To have an extra dosage of perseverance, strength, determination and concentration. (That's more like New Year resolution eh?) 

What's topping your wish list this Christmas?
 I wouldn't mind a gift card from vintage and luxury jewelry e-tailer Latest Revivial. Some picks: Alinara Stefano Hands Earrings1990's Bvlgari Tubogas Ring and Alessandro Dari Vecchio Castello Ring. Or any pieces from Mesi Jilly's Resort 2013 collection at Moda Operandi.

Holiday shopping strategy?
Keep lists. I try to shop throughout the year instead of scrambling for gifts last minute. 

What will you be wearing this Christmas?
A big kaftan prancing around the beaches in South Africa. 

What will you be gifting this Christmas?
Someone lucky will be gifted A custom made neon sign in my own handwriting (like Tracey Emin's pieces ) and it will say "I don't do Drugs, I am Drugs" (by Salvador Dali).


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