francisco ricafort: all i want for christmas

As Buzz Concept's PR & Marketing Manager, Francisco L. Ricafort II is the go-to guy to get on all the most important lists to gain entry into all of the the most buzzed about events in Hong Kong.  Chances are you've been to at least one of Buzz's venues, which include FLY, Volar, Socialito and Lily & Bloom, and had one of the best nights of your life.  A long-time supporter of Electric sekki, Francis is someone who is especially close to our hearts (and, we're sure, the hearts of many others, due to his charming charisma and lovely attitude).  So, what does Francis what this Christmas?  Find out in our All I Want For Christmas feature below.

Best gift you've ever given?
A Canon Point-and-Shoot digital camera, but I am actually planning to top that this year by getting my girl Eve the new Apple iMac.

Worst gift you've ever received?
I don't hate; I love all my gifts! Even if they're cheap as hell!

Dream holiday destination?
Barcelona, Spain.

Favorite holiday dish?
Anything with seafood.

Favorite Christmas carol?
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" because I had to sing it all thru elementary and high school when we went door to door. 

Favorite holiday drink?
Frozen ice tea Slushy from Boracay.

All I want for Christmas this year is…
Another Holiday to Tokyo! Or an Xbox.

What's topping your wish list this Christmas?
New threads: suits, shirts, jeans. Basically a new wardrobe; a man's got to look stylish for the new year to come!

Holiday shopping strategy?
Online for most things. Saves me the hassle of fighting the crowds.

What will you be wearing this Christmas?
I'll be in Sydney where it'll be warm; most likely dressing in summer wear but with Christmas colors!

Stay in touch with Francis through Twitter at @FranciscoRica4t.


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