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As a fashion and lifestyle journalist living between New York and Hong Kong, Blue Carreon has had access to some of the biggest names in the fashion business in the course of his work for ForbesThe Huffington Post and The South China Morning Post.  In addition to his contributions to these publications, Blue also runs his own fashion and lifestyle blog, Style Intel.  Recently a favourite of street-style photographers at New York Fashion Week such as Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton, Blue's fame in the blogosphere has catapulted to new heights.  Blue is always impeccably dressed, favouring a preppier sartorial look which rarely sees him outside of an immaculately presented jacket, shirt and pants combo; but, as his name suggests, Blue always manages to throw in a bit of colour to keep things interesting.  Catch Electric sekki's All I Want for Christmas piece with Blue Carreon below.

Best gift you've ever given? 
I put a lot of thought into the gifts I’ve given over the years– from books to art to watches. I love to give gifts and I like to think that they’ve all been appreciated. 

Best gift you've ever received? 
A few years back I was the recipient of a 12 Days of Christmas gift fest that included everything from a Ralph Lauren polo shirt to Ray Ban aviators to Globe Trotter luggage. But more than the actual gifts themselves, it was the feeling of being made special that I remember most fondly. 

Worst gift you've ever received? 
A recycled press gift from a friend. The funny thing was, I was with said friend at the press event when they originally handed those press gifts. I called him out and we laughed about it. 

Dream holiday destination? 
Marrakech, the Seychelles, and Buenos Aires 

Favorite holiday dish? 
Turkey and ham and a log cake. I love ginger bread houses too, very festive. 

Favorite holiday drink? 
Everything is better with Champagne 

Favorite Christmas carol? 
Silent Night… solemn and peaceful. I can’t stand the hyper upbeat carols anymore. 

All I want for Christmas this year is... 
Quality time with loved ones and an iPad mini. 

Holiday shopping strategy? 
Look for pieces that are special and that the recipient would love to receive. It’s not about how much they cost, it’s about the personal touch you put into them. 

What will you be wearing this Christmas? 
I will be in New York so I will be covered in layers— shawl collar cardigan, camel coat, tweed pants, scarf and gloves… and Heattech from Uniqlo underneath all that.

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