diana d'arenberg: all i want for christmas

With her perfectly finger-rolled platinum blonde locks and penchant for anything black or red by Alexander McQueen, Diana d'Arenberg is hard to miss.  Though, admittedly, she's been introducing pops of colour back into her life recently.  Diana is a multi-faceted woman, but typically describes herself as an ex-goth who currently works as a writer, curator and blogger at Post-ism.  And she's the enigmatic lead singer of local hard rock band, Donner und Blitzen.  Yes, she's also got a killer sense of humor.  Five minutes with this woman and you're bound to develop a major girl crush.  Read our interview with her and we dare you not to fall a little bit in love.

Photo by Mike Figgis for Liberatum Hong Kong 2012.

What will you be wearing this Christmas?
My new tweed from Scotland. And a reindeer jumper, if I can find one.

Best gift you've ever given?
A diamond sister ring to my sis, because a diamond is forever like a sister's love and loyalty, if you're lucky.

Best gift you've ever received?
A signed first edition of an Evelyn Waugh from hubs.

Worst gift you've ever given?
Jars of Vegemite to a kiwi acquaintance I mistook for an Aussie.

Worst gift you've ever received?
Edible knickers from an ex.

Dream holiday destination?
Riding through the Mongolian steppes in spring and the Scottish highlands.

Favorite holiday drink?

Favorite holiday dish?
Caviar on blinis. Although happy to have that any time. And mince tarts!

Holiday shopping strategy?
Online. It's easy, stress-free, and arrives on your doorstop all wrapped up.

Favorite Christmas carol?
The one sung by Bill Nighy in Love Actually.

All I want for Christmas this year is...
Errr.... World peace?

What's topping your wish list this Christmas?
A first edition of Alice in Wonderland. And a white pony!


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